Sun Valley Guides 2019 Pricing


Guided Hut Trips

1-3 guests  Call for prices

4-8 guests  $360/person/day

9-12 guests $315/person/day

Includes: hut rental, food, chef, guide, porter, snowmobile tow (van shuttle) and cargo transport

Full Day Backcountry Tour

Ratio 1:5 (2nd guide added at 6 guests)

1 guest $475/person        

2 guests $270/person

3 guests $205/person

4-5 guests $170/person

*Overnight Guide Fee: $25

Half Day Backcountry Tour

(summer only)

1 guest $310

2 guests $155/person        

3 guests $135/person

4 guests $120/person

5 guests $110/person

Yurt Dinner Tour

Base cost: $1700 (includes: hut rental, 2 chefs, exquisite food, transportation and guide)

Dinner: Up to 10 guests